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Feb. Theme Sunday Worship Service

Transfiguration Sunday

2/27/2022. 9:30 AM


Dear FUMC Family, First of all, I want to share God's peace and comfort in Jesus Christ our Lord. We are facing many different kinds of wars today. Some of them are visible and the others are invisible. The battles are ongoing around us and far from us. Those fights are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Some conflicts are between people and people, while the others are among nations. One thing we know that is we all are in the spiritual battle following Jesus Christ who already won the game. It sounds interesting, yet we are still in this spiritual war. My brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for one another. Lift up your voices to our God for the people who are in need. As we shared, we are the family in Christ. We have to pray for our family members. We pray for the people who are under attack physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Second of all, Even in this challenging time, we are preparing a holy space to meet together for sharing our love in Christ. On Saturday(2/26/22 @10:00am), there will be pancakes and 5 special syrups. If you are available, come and join the fellowship and watch ENCANTO together. The library of FUMC will be open for you. Please check your physical condition before attending this gathering. Third of all, During Feb. Theme Sunday, there will be your chance to share what you have learned for the last three weeks. We have compared families from 1 Corinthian, Genesis, and Encanto. We shared about the family, Madrigal, and the family members. It is your turn. Please let your family/church members know that you learned by the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit will lead us to grow together. Please, prepare your favorite soda and popcorn for the service. In God's grace and love, we will pray, sing, read the scripture, and share our thoughts. The Spirit of God will lead the love feast. If you are able, please watch the animation, Encanto. If it is not easy to watch, feel free to bring your soda and popcorn to join the love feast, the service. Our virtual place is going to be open for those who prefer to attend the worship at your safe and comfortable place. Click Here to join the Virtual Worship Place. Also, you can call in the virtual worship space. The phone number is +1 929 205 6099. Our meeting id and passcode is 2036299584. May the grace and love of God be with you all! Sincerely, Pastor Dong Hyun Choi

Please join us in prayer for the conflict in Ukraine.

"We pray for the peace and security of United Methodists in Ukraine and Russia and for all of their neighbors, and that tranquility will prevail over their lives and countries." —Roland Fernandes, General Secretary of Global Ministries and UMCOR. Go here to read Roland Fernandez' full appeal for peace in the Russia-Ukraine conflict: Click Here

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