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2/13/2022 Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

2/13/2022. 9:30 AM

Dear FUMC Family,

Give thanks to our God who called us and made us God's children. Through the love of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, we are able to gather as the family, First UMC of Greenwich. Let us pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during our Sunday Worship Service.

Continuously we are going to talk about the Family, the Body of Christ. Yes, we, the First United Methodist Church of Greenwich, are called by God based on God's plan. When we gather together, we can recognize God's purpose for this church.

Last Sunday, we shared about how the family, and this Sunday, we are going to talk about the family members. Let us observe the family in Bible comparing the Madrigal from Encanto. Through the observation, we are going to understand who we are and who I am. This pastor believes that the Spirit of God inspired us and teach us. Also, God's Spirit will lead us to grow together.

Please, prepare your favorite soda and popcorn for the service. In God's grace and love, we will pray, sing, read the scripture, and share our thoughts. The Spirit of God will lead the love feast. If you are able, please watch the animation, Encanto. If it is not easy to watch, feel free to bring your soda and popcorn to join the love feast, the service.

Our virtual place is going to be open for those who prefer to attend the worship at your safe and comfortable place. Click Here to join the Virtual Worship Place. Also, you can call in the virtual worship space. The phone number is +1 929 205 6099. Our meeting id and passcode is 2036299584.

May the grace and love of God be with you all!


Pastor Dong Hyun Choi

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