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10/23/22 Sunday Worship


Dear children of God, How are you doing my friends? I hope all of you are walking with our Lord, Jesus Christ every day and night. I pray for you to have meaningful conversations with God. We all know that the Holy Spirit inspires us to open our bodies, minds, and heart to our Lord. Also, the Spirit of God shares God's love, so we can recognize other children of God. As we shared last Sunday, we need to pray and not give up. Continuously, pray for one another. Let us lift our hearts to God for our neighbors in need. I want to say thank you to all who diligently pray for our church and the ministry. Through your faithful prayers and generous sharing, we, the First UMC of Greenwich, are fighting a good fight. With our Lord, we continuously join this spiritual battle fighting against evil. To be a spiritual warriors, we need each other. We cannot join the battle individually. I need you and you need me. Let us gather together to worship God. Let us lift our hearts to be healed by God's grace and love. Let us listen to the word of God and meditate on it together. I need you all. Let's gather together in Christ. If you want to check the scripture, please click the blue button above, "Bulletin". Come and join the worship in person or attend our virtual sanctuary using zoom. I hope to see you on Sunday! Many blessings, Pastor Dong Hyun Choi

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