175th Anniversary Celebration

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Greetings in Jesus Christ our Lord! It is an honor to share that the First United Methodist Church of Greenwich celebrated its 175th Anniversary in God’s grace on Sunday, Nov.11, 2018. At our own celebration, we gathered together and shared our stories of how God brought each of us into the body of Christ. We gave thanks to God for what God has done through the FUMC of Greenwich. While we shared our stories, we sang “Amazing Grace.” When we shared how God worked among us, we truly believed that we are the church, not just a building. Of course, we praised God for giving us these meaningful buildings through God’s children who came before us. After we gave thanks to God through our witnesses, we had time to think about the future of our church. As we set a theme, INTO GOD”S FUTURE, we confessed that we want to do things based on our own desires, not God’s. So we asked the Spirit of God to lead us into God’s future. We prayed that we would fully take part in God’s future. We had time to think about how we can participate in God’s ministry.  Each person made a personal prayer and completed Estimate of Giving cards as a sincere expression of how to help make that vision a reality.  By God’s grace and love, we will fully jump into the future of God. On Sunday, November 18th we will report the results of our commitment and make time to share what we perceive as God’s vision.  And we will pray again about God’s vision for FUMC Greenwich. Many blessings,

Pastor D.H. Choi

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